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Fougère Perfume by Erica Tanov

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The debut fragrance from Erica Tanov. 

Emerging from silver fog, the ancient trees exhale. Moss clings to damp roots as ferns unfurl like exotic fans above the forest floor. Fougère captures the fleeting beauty of misty mornings in the Northern California woods with a blend of 100% natural plant essences. Earthy vetiver and oak moss suggest the scent of damp earth underfoot, while powdery orris root and creamy sandalwood evoke a fern’s velvet leaves. As it warms on the skin, Fougère reveals herbal lavender, rose geranium, and a hint of cleansing smoke from sacred Palo Santo.


100% natural. Made in USA.

1.7 fl oz. | 50 ml

A note about natural perfume: Natural perfumes contain none of the chemical additives or preservatives of synthetic perfumes. While synthetic fragrances remain fixed and unchanging, the beauty of a natural perfume is in the complex scent progression that reveals itself as different notes wear off over time. While a natural perfume may not have the staying power of its synthetic counterpart, it is gentler, with more subtle nuances and a more intriguing personality. Also note that every person's unique body chemistry impacts the way perfume breaks down on the skin. Expect Fougère to last 4-5 hours. To help ensure its longevity, we recommend applying your natural perfume to moisturized skin and areas beyond the pulse points, such as the hair, back of the neck, and lower on the body. Finally, always be sure to store your bottle away from heat and direct sunlight. We're sure you'll fall in love with the dynamic and evocative scent of Fougère.

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Fougère Perfume by Erica Tanov
Fougère Perfume by Erica Tanov Sale price$180.00

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