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We create original wallpaper, tile, textiles, and furniture in partnership with our workshops, in addition to sourcing decorative objects from around the world. Our commitment to conscious design is shared with our entire community - we work closely with emerging artists, designers and trusted artisans to create and produce all of our products.

To visit our showroom and discover our full interior goods collection, please book your  appointment here.


The Erica Tanov Design Studio | Showroom showcases an ever-evolving selection of heritage antique and vintage designs. This artful curation has been hand-picked by Erica Tanov from estate sales, auctions, and flea markets and stands an homage to the nuance and integrity of each piece's unique character and history.

To visit our showroom and discover our collection of antique and vintage goods, please book your  appointment here.


Our extensive collection of fabrics and materials allow for the opportunity to collaborate on creative custom projects on a range of scales. We work with local and global providers to ensure each endeavor is accomplished with integrity and incomparable service.

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We collaborate with select hospitality groups to provide exquisite luxury goods. Our deeply valued partnerships with craftsmen, artisans, and multi-generational family owned workshops enable us to provide in stock and bespoke goods curated for each project and need.

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Our philosophy is to create lived-in, relaxed spaces that reflect the soul of the inhabitants and the integrity of favored natural materials. Whether you are seeking to refresh an individual room or looking for finishing details for the home, we look forward to connecting with you to support these endeavors.

Ready to get started? Book your introductory design consultation here. Once the scope of your project has been determined, we will tailor our services to your further needs and budget.

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Along with opening our showroom doors as a place of inspiration, our design studio is also a gathering space that embraces arts and leisure. A collaborative environment that supports exhibitions from emerging and contemporary creatives, we also curate events, conversations, screenings, dinners, and performances as a part of our et al. series — all committed to stewarding artistic expression. 

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