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Martiniano is a Los Angeles-based line of handmade shoes designed by Martiniano Lopez Crozet. Using time-honored techniques and quality materials, each shoe is cut, skived, stitched, and sewn by hand by artisans in Buenos Aires.
Martiniano Party Boot in SilverMartiniano Party Boot in Silver
Martiniano Glove Shoe in SilverMartiniano Glove Shoe in Silver
Martiniano Spaghetti Heel in SilverMartiniano Spaghetti Heel in Silver
Martiniano Glove Shoe in SandMartiniano Glove Shoe in Sand
Martiniano High Glove in Dark GreyMartiniano High Glove in Dark Grey
Martiniano Glove Shoes in MinkMartiniano Glove Shoes in Mink
Martiniano Spaghetti Heel in BlackMartiniano Spaghetti Heel in Black
Martiniano Glove Shoe in BlackMartiniano Glove Shoe in Black
Martiniano Spaghetti Shoes in PlatinumMartiniano Spaghetti Shoes in Platinum

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