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Article: Celebrating Over 30 Years of Erica Tanov's Signature Petal Silk Slip Collection

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Erica Tanov's Signature Petal Silk Slip Collection

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Erica Tanov's Signature Petal Silk Slip Collection

Slips have been around for hundreds of years, gaining traction as a fashion must-have in the late nineteenth century. In their earliest form, slips served as a necessity for layering clothing, used for avoiding static cling, or as additional coverage under sheer garments. As clothing and feminine wardrobes evolved, slips became more of an outlier in the fashion world. 

For the past 30 years, Erica Tanov has eloquently preserved the classic luxurious silk slip dress, ensuring that this timeless piece has a place in the modern closet. Our heritage Petal Silk Slip Collection both nods to the poise of the 1920s slip and encompasses the boldness of the 1960s “underwear as outerwear” fashion revolution. This versatility found renewal in the 90s, offering a lasting significance in subtly sensual dressing that seamlessly translates to contemporary apparel. 


Why Our Petal Silk?

Our signature Petal Silk is what makes our slip dresses modern heirlooms. Hand washed and line dried in our California studio, our slips and camisoles offer the soft, relaxed, and luxurious feel of a vintage piece. Our Petal Silk is a lightweight fabric that travels with you easily, simply twist it into a ball, pack it into your luggage, and once you arrive, gently shake it out your slip to wear straight away.  Our timeless and quality silk can be hand washed and line dried and with care, passed down for generations to come.



Lola Silk Slip Dress

Our best-selling and most renowned essential slip dress, the Lola Silk Slip Dress is bias-cut and french seamed with all the vintage detailing of an heirloom silk slip. The Lola Silk Slip dress is Erica Tanov’s first silk slip dress design and has been essential for leading ladies since it debuted at Barneys in the early 1990s. From Madonna to Julianne Moore & SJP, the Lola has graced both cinema screens and prima ballerinas.

This original design is made from the highest quality materials and construction; French lace offers delicate trim at both the neckline and hem, while classic bodice seams provide structure with ease. The Lola is designed for an exquisite perfect fit and is versatile enough to wear from day to night, with or without a bra. Layer the Maude Slip dress over the Lola Slip dress for a tonal or contrasting colorway. This slip dress is now available in a size 4 (Women’s US 12-14) and comes in Black or Ivory.


Greta Silk Slip Dress

Our most accessible, versatile slip, in both fit and price point, the Greta Silk Slip Dress is intended for endless wearability. With a simple bias-cut silhouette and delicate french lace trimming at the hem, Greta endures as an elevated every day essential - poised as a piece we come back to on all occasions. It is intended to be layered under sweaters, dresses, or simply worn on its own. Layer two of our Greta silk slip dresses, throw on over a bathing suit, or under the Maude silk slip dress for the ultimate in bohemian luxury styling. Our Greta silk slip dress is available in Black & Ivory.


Maude Silk Slip Dress

Delicately trimmed in french lace at the neckline, the Maude Silk Slip Dress is Erica’s personal favorite. Bias-cut and french seamed, the Maude slip dress perfectly balances subtle sultriness and everyday luxury. Its deep neckline remains hidden, that is, unless you want its delicate French lace trim to subtly peek out. Use for easy layering under v-neck sweaters and low-neck tops, with just the slightest reveal of the slip. The Maude is versatile enough to wear from day to night, with or without a bra. Shop the Maude Silk Slip Dress in both Black & Ivory.

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