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Kato Takuo | E-shino Guinomi No. 5149

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Kato Takuo 加藤卓男 1917-2005 

Living National Treasure


His father was Kato Kobei the 5th, who presided over the Maruko Pottery Company. Purchased by the government for the Nitten Special Prize. Awarded the Modern Craft Prize at the Japan Modern Crafts Exhibition. Awarded the Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition Ceramics Prize. Awarded the Tokai TV Culture Award for his research on ancient Persian ceramics, and the Chunichi Culture Award for his teaching and training of Mino ceramics. Councilor and judge at the Japan Modern Industrial Exhibition, the Chunichi International Exhibition, and the Nitten exhibition. President of the Mino Ceramic Society. Councilor of the Japan Federation of Industry and Commerce, and others. Mainly working in Mino and luster painting.

After nearly 20 years of trial and error, he succeeded in reproducing the luster glaze process, which had been a mystery for many years.

Luster glaze is a type of 9th-14th century Islamic pottery in which patterns are painted with copper, silver, or other oxides over a white tin lead glaze fired in a low-fire reduction firing process to produce a subdued luster similar to that of gold.
Awarded a Living National Treasure in 1995. His son, Kato Yasuhide, is the 7th Kato Kobei. The 6th Kato Kobei is absent.



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Kato Takuo | E-shino Guinomi No. 5149
Kato Takuo | E-shino Guinomi No. 5149 Sale price$750.00

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