Arielle De Pinto Creeper Bracelet in Haze


Mimicking roots or a creeping vine, this bracelet is smooth and elegant. It is crocheted in such a way that there is slight bit of volume, it sits on the skin like a rope rather than sitting flat.

The piece measures 7.5" from end to end, and will be 7" when closed. Spring-mechanized Brass rings measure 1 1/8" in diameter, solid 1/8" of hand-formed ring. 18k Galvanic gold vermeil chain, brass mechanized closure.

Arielle De Pinto

Due to the handmade nature of this piece, some crochet detail may differ from what is pictured.


Arielle de Pinto jewelry is made by crocheting fine chain, a slow technique developed and refined over many years. To execute the technique successfully, the chain itself must be of exceptional quality adhering to stringent specifications - nothing can be rushed. Arielle de Pinto has been working with the same family-run Italian factory for over a decade. The same goes for nearly all of their suppliers. Castings, whenever possible use recycled material while maintaining the purity of the metal. Metal crochet cannot be done by a machine, it must be done by a skilled human.

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