Arielle De Pinto Bare Frame Bracelet in Haze


The bare frame bracelet is part of Arielle’s atelier collection. This chain color option is composed of oxidized 18k Italian gold vermeil.

Measures approximately 6.5" closed, with a delicate crocheted frame in the center. Closes with a 925 sterling silver clasp. Bracelet length from end to end 7 1/2". Crocheted middle band measures 1/2" thick and 3" in length. Lobster clasp is 13mm with 3 soldered silver rings as extension chain.

Arielle De Pinto


Arielle de Pinto jewelry is made by crocheting fine chain, a slow technique developed and refined over many years. To execute the technique successfully, the chain itself must be of exceptional quality adhering to stringent specifications - nothing can be rushed. Arielle de Pino has been working with the same family-run Italian factory for over a decade. The same goes for nearly all of their suppliers. Castings, whenever possible use recycled material while maintaining the purity of the metal. Metal crochet cannot be done by a machine, it must be done by a skilled human

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