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rootfoot palo santo bundle


palo santo sticks are used in ceremony and to create sacred space. clear negative energy and cultivate new positive energy and healing by smudging.

secured with a leather tie and white feather. wildcrafted in ecuador with sustainable methods by only collecting branches that have naturally fallen onto the forest floor and have rested there for more than 2 years.

to burn: light the end of one wood stick by holding a flame to it for 10-20 seconds. once lit, gently blow out flame and the red hot end of the stick will slowly burn like incense. at this moment there is an opportunity to walk around with the stick in hand and stay fully present as the palo santo is burning and feel the shift. also you can wave around your body (from the crown of your head to your toes) to connect deeper and enliven your aura. when finished, place on smudge plate or something fire safe such as a shell and let it extinguish itself. these sticks can be used over and over and will last through many uses.

.7 oz. quantity of sticks may vary. for external use only. keep out of reach of children.