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Officine Creative was conceived in 1968 by Nazzareno Di Rosa, who started his laboratory of shoemaking and leather craft in the medieval Italian town of Montegranaro—located in central Italy. Montegranaro, the surrounding province of Fermo and the larger surrounding region of Le Marche, are considered the world's leading centers for the production of high quality footwear in the true tradition of the Italians. The shoe-making heritage of this area dates far back as the 400th century. Made in Montegranaro is in itself a stamp of excellence and quality.
Today, Officine Creative is lead by Nazzareno’s two sons, Roberto and Luca Di Rosa. They are known for pioneering techniques like washing, burning, and object dyeing their leather goods, using over 100 processes to achieve an authentic lived-in patina. They perpetually explore avenues of avant-garde innovation and advancement in their industry and the result is a unique and beautiful product imbued with individuality and personal attention. The elegance of an Officine Creative shoe is modern and sophisticated, yet each has a well-loved antique charm to it.